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Printmakers Against Racism


I am participating in Printmakers Against Racism's global virtual art sale to support the fight against systemic racial injustice. This is a project organized by @printmakingasresistance that has brought printmakers together from all over the world to create, share, and sell prints to raise money to support various racial justice organizations and Black Lives Matters chapters.


I have created a selection of new prints for this project and 100% of the proceeds will be going to the chosen organizations.  I also have selected prints from various series that I will be selling and donating 100% of the proceeds. I have priced each print at a set price so it is clear what the sale price/donation amount will be. 

The artwork featured below and on my instagram @amandamckz will be available from July 25 - 31. 

Donations of $10 or more - receive a set of small patches OR our postcards

Donations of $15 or more - receive a large patch OR small protest print OR selection of patches/postcards 

Donations of $20 or more - receive large protest poster size print 

Donations of $50 or more - receive one 8 x 10" prints OR any combo of other printed goods you like

How it Works

I have numerous items available, some are a limited edition size and others I will be printing based on the orders that come through.

In order to receive a print you must do one of the following: 

1. Email at or DM me  @amandamckz to purchase a specific print and pay via e-transfer. Then I will donate the set amount to one of the four chosen organizations and send you an emailed receipt and donation confirmation. 

2. If you prefer to donate directly to the organization you may choose from the list of organizations above and email or DM @amandamckz proof of your donation in the form of an emailed receipt or a screenshot of the donation confirmation. 


All of the proceeds will be going to the following four local organizations to support the racial justice work that they do in the Edmonton community:


If you have  another organization that is dear to your heart or in your particular location you are welcome to donate there instead (just follow the same donation proof guidelines or request that I donate to another organization).  

Receiving your print!

Once we have been in touch regarding the donation confirmation we can discuss which item(s) you would like and if you would prefer pick-up, drop-off, or shipping. 

I can coordinate pick-up or drop-offs within the Edmonton and surrounding area. For any orders that require shipping we will discuss the costs and work out the details. My plan is to be printing orders the first week of August and having everything ready soon after. 

Other ways to support <3

Individuals can support this project donating to any of the four chosen organizations or by supporting other important organizations such as: 


OR your own local Black Lives Matters chapter, a bail fund, mutual aid groups, community groups, or a non-profit organization that is fighting against systemic racial injustice. Put the time in and find out who needs your support in your community. 

If you are not financially able to donate consider: 

- sharing and spreading the word of other artists who are participating

- participate yourself and creating artwork

- participate in other similar projects such as:

- raise awareness by speaking with friends and family members

- amplifying Black individuals and sharing their posts, writing, videos, artwork, etc.

- giving others the space to speak and actively listening


For more information regarding this project and about Printmakers Against Racism: 

Printmakers Against Racism

Printmaking as Resistance

I created a series of text based patches, postcards, and prints for the Printmakers Against Racism project with the intention that these printed items would act as reminders, small acts of protest, and triggers for change. I created the pieces by considering what statements I as a white person need to consider to be aiding others rather than hindering and making myself feel as though I am helping. I am learning, trying to be an ally to those who need support, and  I think that these prints can work to support in a small way. 

The majority of the pieces are made from rubbings of aged wood type, rather than printing directly on the letterpress I chose to have a disconnect and to have ghost images of the text made by rubbings. Afterwards I edited and collaged the images to create screen stencils for wearable, mailable, and protest-able prints.  

The other prints still involve type and text but I chose different digital based typefaces to reflect the statements in a more clear way. 

These prints are made to order and have an unlimited edition size with 100% of the proceeds being donated. 

Patches - small $5 & large $15

Postcards - set of two $5 

Small Protest Print - $15

Large Protest Poster - $20 

Prints from previous series

These prints are from series and other bodies of work that I have made and each have a limited edition. This work will be for sale with 100% of the proceeds being donated to one of the four organizations.

There are two different prints available: Pacing and Tails (Heads), each for $50. 

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